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The aim of the project is to design an elegant, austere and sef-sufficient pavilion. Also, I wanted to emphasize the introduction of the building into its surroundings. In order to integrate the landscape burying part of the pavilion and leaned on the roof perimeter. So the building will only have a height of 4.8 meters facade on the street level. And 6.3 meters to the top of the roof. Maintaining the minimum internal height of 7 meters. The building is austere because is built by few materials: Concrete for vertical walls,metal and glass for the roof. The roof is composed as a pyramidal trunk geometry, where the flat top is formed by a translucent area based photovoltaic panels. 900 m2 of production of electricity. The perimetral metallic area will be painted in white. Much of the lighting will be resolved with the translucent surface.