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This is a building designed to serve drivers on a highway. The intention was to make a building - landscape - restaurant at a highway in Catalonia. A strip of photovoltaic glass facing the sky allowing natural light inside. The building has a main restaurant area-lounge, a main entrance and two service areas near two surface car parks. The section of the building is shaped like a diamond for two reasons: to offer less wind resistance and reduce costs in over sizing of the structure. And not to dazzle drivers at night. The materials used are mainly concrete and glass. The structural concept of the building is the same as the bone structure. A series of structural rings linked together can fly over the width of the road. This building is accessed from both directions of traffic directly. The car goes to parking and can be accessed independently or restaurant services. This project is intended to build something strong, austere and elegant, capable of generating a new landscape along this stretch of road.