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Generate a pleasant park, of a quality, austere and attractive that goes beyond the essence of the thermalism of Caldes and the Mediterranean flora and fauna of the area. Linking and giving urban sense to two totally different morphologies (current park of Can Rius and part of a dry land between Mas Palet and the road of Sentmenat). After different analyzes of possible conceptual structures of ordering of the field, it is chosen to generate a winding scheme that allows the existence of paths and vegetation that adapts to the existing state, but which at the same time forms part of A new order that looks at both sub-areas. We want to maintain the differentiated nature between the vegetation of the area of the river and the dry land area, the map of vegetation in the area is not modified, only subtle modifications that fit into the proposed scheme. The criterion in the case of subtle modifications is always to add vegetation and not remove it (as indicated by the study and the specifications of the bases, and common sense). It is chosen to add native vegetation, vegetation that will adapt quickly and the maintenance of which will be scarce. The paths generated are thought to be pleasant paths, based on different experiences, such as rest areas, water areas (fountains, fountains and pools), and at the same time a route that will travel through different areas of vegetation differentiated and that will allow you to learn and enjoy The vegetation and fauna of Caldes. There are two types of routes: Lenses, for walking and those that are suitable for the use of bicycles, skates, or running. The geometry of the paths allows the possible implantation of a "train", as an example the successful case of the one that has been operating for many years in the Barcelona wreck park.