The new Tokyo museum is a garden and a museum. The building is austere and elegant. The main materials are concrete, steel and glass, everything arises from the Earth. Is a recyclable building that speaks the same language as the mountains and the city.

The structural concept is the same as the formal. It is designed like an ear of corn. So tectonic movements can not tear down-lo. A large central pillar where levels are sustained, makes the building a resilient and resistant construction.

The ancient temples in Japan were based on similar parameters. The whole plant is free only separated from the outside with a color thermal glass, which at night becomes a great dresser Japan's dazzling fashion.

The garden is a site with native plants. The garden is like anywhere in the mountains of Saitama, near Tokyo. Also this place is a hanging garden, culminating in the garden-sky-bar, a paradise in the sky of Japan.



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