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The garden is arranged through a bench continuously. It generates a route, rest areas and a some areas for planting vegetation. The intention of the proposal is to achieve a nice result, useful and durable. I opted for a clear and single material (moldable stone, concrete). The bench has a height of 45 cm, the top surface is polished. And a width of 30 cm. The bench also acts as a container of earth to plant flowers such as primula, crocus or viola tricolor. Trees (Salix) and shrubs (Philadelphus coronarius) are located in the surrounding areas where the bank generates a pleasurable ambience. To complete the garden, planted grass (on the road, and in areas where there are no flowers) and some trachycorpus. We have also designed a metal arbor where climbing plants grow and flowers. The result of the proposal is a bench-garden, a special place where you can walk, sit, read, think and disconnect.