The facade is stretched until the top of the upper ledge of the building. I establish two different types of vertical modules (A and B), which promote the idea of ​​verticality. Module A, are where practicable openings, windows open up, guillotine type, recovering one of the ideas of the original building. This gesture gives coherence to the idea of ​​vertical strips or modules. This module also includes a lower setting, where its outer side is placed a glass photovoltaic dark; along with the dark glass of the window to configure the modules as darker stripes. Module B is the set belonging to the strip, at least to the outside. These strips, which follow the module proposed by Busquets (Architect of existing facade) seeking a more radical idea of ​​vertical continuity, minimizing horizontal joints and a few centimeters ahead of plan with regard modules modules A. B, have a semi-double front ( double glazed windows, one of which practicable to maintain the solar glass). The outer face is fixed photovoltaic glass, dark and thoughtful, which dampens the impact and solar thermal mirror causes a certain effect.


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