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A tour through the castle towards the mountain. The project establishes a relationship of communion with nature that makes us feel that we are part of it and a respect for architectural history. The proposal wants to combine respect for history and respect for the landscape. Generating a cut to the level of the mountain +990 (reception hall) and then accede into the mountain to the top of the castle Roccamandolfi. The project will be summarized in two parts: the access hall and the apartments of the castle. The access hall offers panoramic views of the area. In addition to the reception function is a flexible space and is an ideal place to establish a cultural center and landscape conservation. The walls are formed by the very rock of the mountain with soft lighting, austere and elegant. Through a communications vertical cylindrical elevators and staircases access the top. Here we find the starry sky. From above we can access three apartments in the castle ruins. The apartments are adequately equipped for the comfort of visitors. Some ceilings of some rooms of the apartments are built with glass to see the starry sky at italian night. The apartments are climatized with a natural ventilation system using the vertical communication cores combined with a system of solar panels. It also has production of electricity by photovoltaic uptake.