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The large building is a building-porch that occupies less than 50% of the plot surface. The first floor is set with a large panoramic glass that marks the line inclined to follow. It is a compact but permeable building on the ground floor, and its open spaces flexible, can cover business needs a powerful business or other commercial or administrative needs. In other buildings, the facades are taking a more domestic tone and a smaller scale. Here are appearing holes alternating between the ground floor and first floor to form a facade full of compositional varieties, but without losing an order and the overall modulation of 2.40 meters. These buildings consist of a crystal ground floor and the first floor consists of modules with a gable roof. The interstitial spaces and low plant cover, are intended for placement of vegetation. These buildings are connected horizontally and vertically to maintain significant flexibility of spaces and may be suitable for commercial uses, administrative, new-generation or residential use.