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Ideas: A bathroom, a pleasant experience. A large bathroom, the bathrooms have been completed mediocre, they are cheaper. It is cheaper to bathe in the rain in the middle of a large field. The rain water is to us and the plants. The sun can heat the water is not necessary to use gas or electricity. The roofs of many buildings are mistreated, little used. Project: A bathroom, large, simple, porcelain and glass on the roof of a building. It is a ceramic composed of two parts, a base opaque and transparent envelope. The proposed bathing area is about 90 m2. The surface can range from 30 m2 to 300 m2. We use treated rainwater for showering, bathe and wash our hands and face. The envelope is to be glazed surface that heats the water. And we can see the sky while we relax.The shower is a rain. Clean water will reject the foreign plants. Here is a bench to sit surrounded by greenery feel the wind.