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Francesc Romaní i Herrera (b. 1981, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain). I studied architecture at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona from 1999 to 2007. Since 2002, I’ve worked in different kinds of architectural office, like structures, residential construction, eco-architecture, rehabilitation, planning, or civil infrastructures. After graduation I set up my own official practice, because since 2000 I’ve been projecting a lot of ideas of possible buildings o similar things… On 2007 I registered in Official College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).

I’ve been selected for some competitions, expositions, and publications, but not too much..

After that, I have been dedicated to an architecture office (Eduard Bru) and now I'm working for a multinational engineering, that gave me the opportunity to travel and work in the Middle East and the company has allowed me developing big projects in BIM methodology. In the free time I like to draw some ideas that always fortunately, come to visit me. Hopefully they can see the light some day.




Innosite (Winner 1st Phase) : Transparent Shelter, 2013

Arquia Proxima Awards (Selected) : Solar Highway, 2012

Arquitectura en positivo (Selected) : Building of three independent flats, 2012

Nan Awards (Selected) : Service Area on a Highway, 2011

Cscae-Coac / Construmat Awards (Finalist) : Stand in Construmat, 2011

Veteco Awards (Finalist) : SCT Catalan Traffic Service, 2008

Arquia Awards (Selected) : House on a Cliff, 2006



Mies Van der Rohe & Hugo Häring, together in the abyss,(ETSAB), 2003

Antoni Gaudí: The potter of the vacuum, (Virtual Congress ESARQ), 2002



Arquia Próxima, Nuevos Formatos, 2012 : Solar Highway

AIB Architecture, 2012 : Selected Projects

Wired New York (Community), 2011 : PS Building with Heliport

Arquia Próxima, Orígenes y desacuerdos 2008 : SCT Catalan Traffic Service

Radiografies. Small Buildings, 2005 : Cabin on the Ricarda’s Lake



MNAC 2017 : School - City, 50 years of PFC in Barcelona: SCT Catalan Traffic Service

Biarch PFC 2010 (Central Coac) : SCT Catalan Traffic Service


Work Experiences in Middle East (For TYPSA  Group)

Doha, 2015 (Qatar)

Riyadh, 2014 (Saudi Arabia)


Summer Landscape Works

Groningen, 2012 (The Netherlands)

Montecatini Alto, 2011 (Toscana, Italy)

Ugine,2010 (Alps, Savoy, France)




I'm interested in design new self-sufficient, austere and elegant buildings




City: Barcelona